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Placed with adoptive parents on Adoption legalized in Essex County Probate Court. Birth mother requested letters and provided some to the agency for the adoptive family. She also asked if I would like a letter from her at some time. It is not clear what happened with the letters.

No letters have been found. Information from Home for Little Wanderers mentions that Suzanne's parents were William and Ellen and that she had 2 siblings, a sister Barbara and a brother Bruce. Update Birth mother was 19 years old at time of birth and listed occupation as "Student". Birth mother described herself as having almond shaped gray green eyes and medium brown hair, a round face and small nose. She described birth father as blue-green eyes and dark brown hair, dark complexion. He was originally from the south but was living in Boston with a married sister.

He worked as a mechanic and joined the merchant marines. It is unclear if he knew Suzanne was pregnant. Birth father was in his 20's, 6'6" tall. I am 6'2" tall, with hazel blue-green eyes and brown hair.

Order a Certified Copy of a Birth Certificate

State adoption took place:? All Other Information: I am searching on behalf of my mother. Through DNA testing we confirmed what we already suspected This woman claimed to have been Ellen K. Kelly and said she just made up a name without any other explanation, and that Daniel Kelley was indeed the biological father and supposedly her husband. We found a marriage record for her in NH 's under Marie J. Simonelli to Martin Simoes. We never located any proof she married a Daniel Kelley, but she did go by Joan Kelley probably about the time my mom was born.

I'm sure there wasn't a formal adoption, but we are stumped at how she came to be in the care of my mother. Update According to the birth certificate birth mother was 21 years old. According to the birth certificate birth father was 28 years old. Joanne Rose Kelley present height is 5'4" tall, with hazel eyes and red hair. We have no other info on birth parents or birth family at this time.

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I know I was very sick when my adoptive mother got me she was an RN at the time and was taking care of me. It really eats at you not knowing anything about yourself, and woundering all the time if my brother is still alive. Email Address: info pureproductsinc. I know that she left home at the age of 14 and school in 10th grade.

I was told by her that she left because she didn't have money for a gym uniform. Given the circumstances of her homelife, it was plausible. When I was in my late 20's, my mother explained to me that she had found my brother for whom she had been looking. She had been married and divorced previous to being married to my father. In conversations with my newfound sibling, he revealed I had another brother and that he had confirmed this with our mother. He mentioned that his father had made her confirm that the adoption was final before they were married.

Unfortunately for my mother, the joy she felt in finding my brother did not last as he desired more than could be given or made up for over the years. Before things could be reconciled, our mother died from cancer.

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Given all that was going on and the sadness of my mother, I never brought up the! To be honest, I wasn't certain of the validity and my mother was extremely private about much of her painful experiences in the past. After my mother died, I spent some time looking for the brother I knew and told him about our mother's death. I felt he deserved to know. I haven't moved and he has not maintained contact. I have left things be. Long story short, I needed a certified long form of my birth certificate for travel.

Low and behold, there was the information that I have two siblings. With some trepidation, I am beginning a search of my own. I don't have any particular expectations as I know things do not always turn out well. However, if there is someone out there who would like to know more about their origin, I would like to provide it. Though my mother had flaws like everyone else she survived some incredible times and had the ability to give the only coat she might have to someone else and make them think they needed it more.

The beauty of her giving was that it was always private, never a brag or public display. She was very humble. I don't think she would have given up her child if she felt she had an alternative to make a life for her son. My mother was "dark Irish"--dark brown hair and medium complexion. I am fair and born blonde. We both had green eyes. I can remember her mother saying that there were others in the family who looked like me and me thinking, "sure.

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He had the same eye color, skin coloration and hair coloration. If we had been in a room and not known each other, we would have probably gravitated toward each other. If recessive dominant genes are working, I would put odds that my oldest brother has the same features--particularly since the brother I know had a father with dark hair and medium complexion.

I gave the birth dates as because of my mother's comment that she had left school midyear in the 10th grade. Of course, this is no guarantee. My mother's prior married name was Alford and she would have been married circa I know I am missing data so much of this is a shot in the dark. Thanks for whatever you can do. Adoptee Birth Fathers Race: Caucasion? Email Address: brosseauwest aol. I believe the child son was born between? We were told his name prior to adoption could have been James. The birth father is unknown. My half birth brother if found would have 5 other birth brothers.

Birth Records Locations in Jamaica Plain, MA

I know that I was adopted by my step father in Concord, Massachusetts, probably in? My birth mother is still alive however her age has caused her memory to fail. My birth mothers d. I have no info regarding birth fathers appearance. Update I think birth father was stationed at Fort Devens, Massachusetts around 1-? Adoptee Gender:?