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Our comprehensive address validation tools ensure only accurate and complete address data enters your database, and existing addresses are kept trustworthy and up to date. People rarely go anywhere without their mobile phone close to hand - so you need to be sure you can stay in touch with them at their most convenient point.

Mobile validation ensures only accurate mobile numbers enter your database. The success of your email communications depends on how much you trust your email database.

Our email validation tool removes bad email addresses to preserve your sender reputation and maximise ROI. Ensure only the most accurate of customer data enters your CRM application and maintain the quality of data across your CRM. Our data quality integrations for address, email and mobile data covers. By validating data both at the point that it is entered, and on a regular basis going forward, you can make sure you have an accurate and up-to-date view of your customers.

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Effective customer communication, superior customer service, business efficiency, and regulatory compliance are all important reasons you should both clean and enrich the customer data that you hold. Find out which of are data management tools could help your business by contacting our team today. We try to make our site as easy and simple to use as possible, but we understand that occasionally people have questions.

However, before you contact us we advise you to have a look at our FAQ pages.

Postcode Finder – Find an Address

You can use the menu below to find the topic you have a question regarding. The best way to contact us is to log into your AFerry Account, and send us a message. If you need to get in touch about your account information, you may be able to find your answer by simply texting one of our codes shown below. If you wish to speak to a Customer Service Advisor, our numbers are listed further down.

Calls to this number will be automatically credited on your next bill. If you have a question about EE or are not happy with any part of your service from us, we'd like to know.

Other ways to contact us

Or if you are writing about your home broadband include your EE home phone number. If you're a mobile phone customer we'll send you a text message when we receive your letter to let you know it arrived safely. If you're a broadband customer we'll write back to you. View our Complaints Code of Practice. Find your nearest store.

Changing address in My O2 | Help & Support | Account and billing | O2

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