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In giving the tent a second life, it endows this public art installation with an unbreakable bond to humanity and represents the importance of nurturing and protecting all people and safeguarding generations to come. It is a symbol of what it means to be human and the precarious nature of our existence.

Omakase: Pre-Styled Capsule Wardrobes

Its appearance there began a dialogue around migration and the experience of refugees, and sparked provocative and inspirational conversations trending on social media. Partnering with Holition again, the dress appeared at the Science Museum as part of their Our Lives in Data exhibition. Data provided by the UNHCR annual report on global migration highlighting the millions of displaced people and the paths they take in search of a better life, was projected onto the dress using data visualization developed by Holition.

Pixels of light were projected onto the dress, each one representing one hundred displaced people, totaling eight million, showing the paths refugees take from their country of origin to the different places they settle. As the pixels of light moved up the dress, reaching different centres and branching off again, the outlines of countries became apparent.

emfrertilas.tkr | Live with purpose. Dress with ease.

What resulted was a map of human movement. Bringing together these numbers, with the dress, has a palpable connection to the people affected and reminded viewers of the humanity behind the refugee crisis. By displaying the data on a dress- an object that is worn so close to the human body, and one that used to provide shelter- served to reinstate human beings at the centre of the crisis.

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This will be an ongoing programme for the foreseeable future. The dress has led a path to being able to turn her creativity and that of many others into a series of practical projects, which seek to improve refugee life and living.

The Peace Talks brought together a number of different speakers from a variety of backgrounds and industries to discuss how we can all work together to promote peaceful and inclusive societies. In our increasingly interdependent world, respect for diversity and cooperation among sectors are not just desirable. Speakers shared tangible experiences, personal stories and ideas to highlight the role that each and everyone one of us can play in contributing to more peaceful societies. At the same time, the event looked at the role that individual citizens and United Kingdom as a country can play to support sustainable peace at the global level.

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The dress will continue to tour globally in , spreading the message of support for refugees to an ever wider audience. Live with purpose. Dress with ease.

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