Children and colorado common law marriage

Learn about common law marriages and find out what states recognize them.
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These factors may all be evidence of a common law marriage, but do not create such. In reality, people may believe they are common law married, but are not.

Common Law Marriage in Colorado | Colorado Attorneys

Conversely, people may find themselves to be common law married without even knowing it. These things matter. I see situations in which people have been together for 15 years, bought a house together, had children, one stayed home and raised the children while the other worked and accrued hundreds of thousands of dollars in retirement, yet were never married. Some of the common ways this can happen relate to taxes or health insurance.

The Truth about Common Law Marriage in Colorado

Co-habitating couples, like anyone else, are looking for ways to cut costs or to maximize finances. Thus, the legal bind begins. In these situations, the parties may be forced to accept a common law marriage even if neither wants it. The problem lies in the fact that by filing taxes together when not common law married, the parties have potentially committed tax fraud. In such a situation, they would be hard pressed in a divorce proceeding to argue they are not common law married.

Some judges will even go so far as to be of the belief that they may have a duty to report that tax fraud to proper authorities. Another common instance in which people may box themselves into a common law marriage relates to health insurance.

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If both parties in the tax or insurance situations do not contest the issue of the common law marriage down the road, there may not be a problem. Regardless, why make your future messy? One might also find it problematic to learn years later, down the road and weeks before his or her wedding day, that he or she is actually married. Such a situation might leave you standing at the altar alone.

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As a Colorado divorce lawyer, my first step is to always determine whether a common law marriage really exists. We go through the enumerated factors of a common law marriage.

Having things on the list may indicate common law marriage. Not having things on the list may indicate there is not a common law marriage.

No single item on the list will be determinative of whether a couple is, or is not common law married. Having one or more of the items noted above and establishing that they live together might be enough.

How to Prove the Existence of a Common Law Marriage in Colorado

You cannot be legally married to more than one person at a time in Colorado. So if a common law marriage happens between a couple, and then one spouse just moves out and never sees the other spouse again, they are still common law married until death.

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It is important to realize that not every state in the United States recognizes common law marriages. That can lead to some uncertainty and strange results. For example, if a couple lived together for 20 years in a state that did not recognize common law marriage, holding themselves out as husband and wife — and then moved to Colorado and the couple got divorced one year later — the couple would probably be deemed to be common law married for only one year.

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Conversely, if a couple lived together for 20 years in Colorado, and then moved to a state that does not recognize common law marriage — and then wanted to get divorced — they might not be able to do so in the state that does not recognize common law marriage. Colorado common law marriage can be a blessing or create a complex legal minefield.

Common Law Marriage in Colorado

While the criteria necessary for a common law marriage differs among states, all states require that the couple have the intent to be married. Aside from intent, states generally require the couple to have the capacity to consent to marriage, to hold themselves out as being married, and to cohabitate for a significant period of time. Some states require that all of these elements are met, and some only require that a couple of them are met. To hold themselves out as being married, the couple must publicly act as they would if they had had a traditional marriage.

This could include filing taxes as a married couple, calling each other husband and wife, wearing wedding rings, and changing a last name.

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