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  1. You're sharing your cell phone number too frequently
  3. 7 Ways Telemarketers Get Your Cell Phone Number

In this article, we show you how to do any of the above armed with just your computer or smartphone:. Spyic is a leading parental control and phone tracking app. It has several location-tracking related features built-in.

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Once installed, you can use Spyic to track someone's location in real-time. It also gives you an overview of someone's location history. It's user-vetted and reliable. You can trust the app.

How to locate via cell phone Number

For iOS devices, you can set up and use Spyic remotely. You can then track a phone number via Spyic without having to physically access the device. For Android devices, you need brief physical access to the target device to install a tiny app on it.

You're sharing your cell phone number too frequently

After Spyic is installed, you can thereafter monitor the phone's location remotely. Step 3: Follow the provided setup instructions.

How your phone number exposes you

It only takes 5 minutes. After that, wait for Spyic to sync up with the target device. Step 4: Login to the Spyic dashboard from any phone or PC browser. Look for the "Location" option in the selection menu on the left. That's it - you're now tracking the cell phone's location! The location's window is a font of useful information. You'll be able to see all the following:. Last-seen location: The target's last seen location will be pinned on an interactive map and also listed below.

Past locations: You'll see a summary of last-visited locations in reverse chronological order. It has its own database that contains specific locations, cities, and street addresses. This means that you can use the website for free to track and locate the current location of the phone. If you want to track a cell phone number in South Africa and receive the user's information in secret, then mSpy is another online software that you can use. In case you need to locate the user, what this app does is to give you real-time location.


You can also use the app to read the targets messages, emails and get access to their social media applications. What's to love about spy applications is that its invisible to the person you are spying on and it is for parents who want to monitor their children. You will then use that mSpy account to monitor your targets mobile phone number. To check the place where the phone user is at, simply select the Location button on the control panel, and you will get the exact address.

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If the phone internet data or GPS is turned off, can you still track a phone number? Read on to find out. Smartphones use GPS to give better location accuracy. However, in case the GPS is off, there are agencies that can locate the last spot the phone number was used through the use of cell tower connections.

The need to go to an expert in tracking a phone number will depend on the amount of information you need. For example, a simple google search can help you track a cell phone number, and the method does not require the GPS of the phone to be on, but the information you will gather from only the google search will be limited. On the other hand, with spy apps, you will need to type in a phone number and find its location. For these spy apps to work, the GPS has to be on as it will enable you to track messages and even browser history.

So, in situations where the phone GPS is off, it is best to get help on how to track a phone number from an expert such as security agencies. Furthermore, smartphone users running on Android and iOS have built-in features that allow users to trace their mobile phones. When both the internet and the GPS functionality is turned on, you can use the Android Device Manager to access your android smartphone remotely.

7 Ways Telemarketers Get Your Cell Phone Number

Using the Google Device Manager , you can track your phone in South Africa and make use of the play sound feature to make the phone ring even when it is in silent mode and alert you of its location. Technology is changing faster every day and that means we can use the internet to trace cell phone numbers. However, knowing how to track a number and its location can be challenging because most people do not list their information on public databases. However, the above methods will go a long way in ensuring that you empower yourself with more information about the phone number you are trying to track.

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Source: pexels. After finding the person, you can view the results of the free cell phone number lookup by name. For the phone number, the service will likely provide you with the first few digits for free. This happens to everyone. Every so often, you may feel nostalgic and want to contact an old friend.

By searching for their phone number and calling them! The nightmare of all phone owners, your contacts get deleted! Years worth of friends, coworkers, and family phone numbers gone in an instant. Hopefully, this article helped you learn how to run a free cell phone number lookup by name.